Interview for the CPL, plus our CPL squad list.

Hey guys I did an interview with Polish Rob about our team joining the CPL.  If anyone is interested in reading it check it out here:

It is mainly about how we formed, our expectations, feelings about Kaohsuing and why we wanted to join the CPL.

Also we have pretty much selected our squad list for the coming season.  If you want to have a chance of playing with us please contact me @ or go to this facebook page:

Kit No. Player Name Position Nationality
2 Gareth Taylor Defender Wales
3 Michael Ling Defender Taiwan
4 Terry Sze Midfielder Hong Kong
5 Emre Gundogdu Midfielder Turkey
6 Andre Yu Midfielder Taiwan
7 Luke Nolan Striker Ireland
8 Nathan Lee Midfielder Korea
9 Nicolas Ja Midfielder France
10 Antonio Yu Striker Taiwan
11 Alban Sice Midfielder France
12 Ryan Adrian Striker Indonesia
13 Ardi Prinata Defender Indonesia
14 Vincent Sulistyo Midfielder Indonesia
15 William Christopher Defender Indonesia
16 Frederic Boissieras Midfielder France
17 Dechen Rapgyal Midfielder India
18 Charles Leung Midfielder Hong Kong
19 Wilcent Sulistyo Striker Indonesia
20 Kristantama Johan Midfielder Indonesia
21 Jose Ramos Midfielder Panama
22 Matteo Ternelli Keeper Italy
23 Mark Henderson Striker England
24 Yas Akimoto Striker Japan
25 Jarand Baker Defender St. Vincent & the Grenadines
26 Stefan Weiss Defender Switzerland
27 David Li Midfielder France
28 Satit Liuwattanachotinan Defender Thailand
29 Tomás Figueroa Striker El Salvador
30 Eisner Salamanca Midfielder Nicaragua
31 Jeffy Gomez Midfielder Belize
33 Juan Carlos Moncada Striker Honduras
35 James Jhang Midfielder Taiwan
36 Bilal Rehman-Chohan Midfielder England
37 Pablo Perdomo Defender Guatemala
77 Charlie Jeon Midfielder Korea
38 Lennin Zeledon Striker Nicaragua
39 Victor Shyu Defender USA
40 Koshoibek Moydunov Midfielder Kyrgyzstan
41 Mark Yang Defender Germany
42 Hugo de la Rosa Striker Belize
47 Brandon Pollak Striker USA
Riverside Magpies F.C.
Mark Henderson
Gareth Taylor
Luke Nolan
Andre Yu
Emre Gundogdu


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