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Friday, March 22, 2013

Magpies vs Carnegies

We went into this match in high spirits after our performance vs the animals. Our thinking was again if we could keep it tight and try to frustrate carnegies we would have a chance on the break.

As carnegies are another top team in the CPL we were going to have to match the work rate and effort put in against the animals.

We again started with a defensive lineup. It was pretty much the same as against the animals, but victor came in for hamstring victim Tim, attacking midfielder Vincent came in for terry who had to go to Hong Kong and Yas came up front for Wilcent who got sick.

We had a good feeling this would strike a good balance between defence and attack. It was not all out defensive like the week before.

All was going well for about the first 15 minutes until disaster struck. They kicked the ball out because one of our players was injured. Our goalkeeper kicked the ball back to them and mid kicked it! He is adamant he kicked a hole in the floor.

It went straight to one of their most skilled players. The one known as the midget. No matter about his size he really is a very good player and he went forward and scored.

My opinion was this goal was a little unsportsmanlike, although it is clearly not against the rules to do that so we couldn't really complain about it.

What happened after this goal is something I have never seen happen from our team yet. After we conceded the goal a lot of our players heads seemed to drop badly. It was a little disgusting for me but I think it was because of how the goal was conceded everyone was a little annoyed and angry and really lost concentration.

After the heads dropped we conceded another 2 goals pretty much straight after the first one. This meant we were 3-0 down, after this I tried to change to 442 in an attempt to make us more attacking but we were being over ran all over midfield! They caught us on the break two more times.

The score ended magpies 0 - Carnegies 5

This has been our worst result and performance so far, but the team we are we won't let that keep us down and we have already been discussing what went wrong and how to fix it.

We have a new plan for the eagles game.

If anyone is interested in playing casual football with us in Taipei in our kick abouts or wants to join our team please:

Email me at.

Facebook group. Sunday football and beers.

Cheers. Keep on keeping on!