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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Typhoon of the Year. (picks the worst time as usual!!)

This is the first storm/typhoon to look like it is gonna hit Taiwan this year.  It picked the worst weekend for it, as the Magpies were going to the water park on Sunday!  I hope it doesn't arrive until Monday at least.  Fingers crossed so the Mags can have a mighty time at the water park.

Make sure you have enough supplies at home for the weekend of 13th (Saturday) and 14th (Sunday) as it could be a big one.  If its a big one you won't want to be going out.

Looking at the photo it looks like its gonna effect all of Taiwan.  I have one question for the Typhoon god...why do you always show up on Sundays and ruin my only day off work???!?!!?!?