A Good Dentist Near Guting

A Good Dentist Near Guting

Address - No. 69, Section 1, Heping West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100.  台北市和平西路一段69號.
Opening Hours - Morning. 早診10:00~13:00,Afternoon. 午診14:00~17:00,Evening. 晚診18:00~21:00.
Phone - (02)2394-0123
Closest MRT - Exit 8 Guting Station, 5 minutes walk. 古亭站8號出口步行約5分
One Christmas while I was teaching, some of my students decided to give me a box of sweets.  I couldn't wait to open them and have a try, because they were traditional Taiwanese sweets that I hadn't seen before.  
The packaging was all in Chinese and I still struggle with reading even though I studying as much as I can, so obviously I couldn't work out any goddamn meaning on the box as per usual.  
After teaching I dashed home as it was Christmas Eve and I had Christmas Day off which is pretty much a novelty in Taiwan.  On the scooter, at the traffic lights I decided to rip into the box and pop one of the sweets the students give me hurridely into my mouth before the traffic lights turned green and The Wacky Races continued.
As I was in such a hurry I didn't pay any attention at all to how the sweets felt.  If I was paying more attention I would of realised that they were as hard as a bloody rock.  As things turned out, I proceeded to try and crunch through it.  My teeth on the other hand disagreed with my decision and part of it cracked off.  
Just my god damn luck I thought, I also think I ate the tooth not just the sweet.  As you do!  Christmas Bloody Eve!  We had a nice meal booked for Christmas Day and now my tooth was broke, utter nightmare. It's really, really how my luck seems to go!  
I had no choice but to pick a dentist, luckily the one I picked was good, and the dentists were really nice and helpful.  I ended up having to get my tooth capped to save it which set me back a fair bit.  If I remember correctly the total cost was between 6000-8000NT.  I was going to blame the kids, I should of blamed the kids but it was clearly my stupidity.  They all found it hilarious when I told them what happened.
If your living in or around the Guting area and looking for a dentist I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one.
- See more at: http://www.taipeimagpies.tw/news/item/news/a-good-dentist-near-guting#sthash.SmMsEQ5K.dpuf

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