Being late in Taiwan is not the same as being late in England.

So as you all know, I work in the morning now as well as the evening.  I want to inform you guys all about one thing in particular.  That being late in Taiwan is certainly not the same as being late back home in good old England. 

I am currently working at Kid Castle, and I start work at 9.30am.  This is all well and good but they class me as being late if I am not there by 9.00am!  I would not mind, but they start to deduct 20pence (10nt) per minute if I am not there by 9.00!  

This would not be a major problem if I was getting paid from 9.00, but no I only start getting paid from 9.30.  In my eyes this is an utter utter joke.  

This has not only happened in Kid Castle it has happened in every kindergarten I have worked in, in Taiwan so it is a common thing here.

Another bizarre point which happened while I have been working at kindergarten is this:

I clock in before 9.00 so that I don't get fined any money, then I head back out to have my breakfast.  One morning the boss told me I cannot leave the school once I have clocked in.  I told her off course I can go to Seven Eleven and get my breakfast I am not being paid any money...her reply was that is irrelevant!  Jeez!!!  Don't worry everyone I still go and get my breakfast anyway because the rule is also an utter joke!

The Taiwanese employees follow the rules blindly and listen to everything the boss says, if more people were like me and realised that they are taking the piss with utterly stupid rules than maybe something would change, but it won't because like I said the Taiwanese employees are afraid to even go out after they have clocked in and even sometimes ask me to get them coffees and their breakfast. 

It is still worth doing however because I get quite a lot of extra money for two hours per morning.  This issue just bugs me a lot though, like I am their slave or something!!

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