Football yesterday.

So after football yesterday, I was having beers with one of the guys and then he decided that he wanted to go somewhere else away from the rain.  He bought all the beers at Family Mart for us, and then he paid for the taxi to some other bars which I have totally forgotten the name off but they were completely dead.  We played some pool, ate there and drank loads, when I went to pay he refused to let me!  Said he wanted to show me around.  We played some games of pool and he totally whipped my ass but I did pagger him when I decided to concentrate a bit more on what I was doing instead of just smashing the balls about like an angry man.

Then we went to another bar on the same street and that was also completely dead, but it totally felt like an English pub.  The most English pub I have been to while I have been to Taiwan.  Then the football came on the TV and I was talking to 2 old guys from Yorkshire who were on holiday in Taiwan, when I asked why they chose Taiwan they told me because they love Asia and have seen most of it, so thought why not tick Taiwan off there list.  My guess is they love the ladies in Asia they looked the type but I can't just genralise so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Then when I went back round the corner turns out my new friend from football had pissed off and left me, however he paid the bill.  He paid my bill how sweet and nice of the guy is that.  The woman in the bar told me that he went to Brass Monkey so I thought I would follow him like a bad smell, and offer him some drinks back.  He refused to accept any drinks and told me not to worry about it, I decided to play some more pool against some Taiwanese guys and I took some more beatings, then when I went back to speak to the people I had met they were gone!  Ha maybe he disliked me following him like a bad smell.  So, I paid Ruby for my beer and took a taxi home, all in all I had a good night and will have to thank the guy when I see him at football next Saturday.

Another thing I forgot to mention I met the president of the Taiwanese football association yesterday after football, you can't say that happens to you in many countries around the world can you ha!

Sorry I took no photos of the night out.  I will take some photos of the football next week.  Maybe write a proper blog about people playing football here.

Oh an another thing to mention, 2 teams were playing a competitive match on the pitch next to us, full of big black Africans.  One team was playing in black and white stripes which put me off my game a bit because I wanted them to win.  When they got a penalty I was shouting get innnnnnnnnnnnn.  Then the guy took the shittest penalty ever!

Oh and I scored a hat trick again, I think my movement is getting a tiny little bit better but anyone who knows me, knows thats still not much.  There was a tall fast guy marking me but his movement and knowledge of how to play the game is shit.  He doesn't follow his man he always runs after who ever so he can be dragged out of position easily enough!  I was happy with my 3rd goal the most looked the simplest of them all to score but its the type I normally mess up.  Cross came in, I managed to lose the marker, or more like he lost me then I flicked it in on the volley!  Happy days

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