Hanging up clothes and lack of space in apartments in Taipei.

This is where I hang my clothes when its raining.

So since moving into my apartment in Taipei I have really noticed how little storage space we have.  I assume it is the same for most people living in Taipei and I really struggle with where to store things.  As you can see from where I hang my clothes when it is raining outside.

So when it is pissing it down outside I cannot hang my clothes up on the roof, so they end up hanging all over my stairs with the fan belting away on them to try and create a wind effect.  This works but it is still not as good as them drying naturally on the roof because sometimes they can kind of stink and I have to wash them again, but when they dry on the roof they smell nice and fresh.

In our room, we bought these things a bit like hooks, and you can just stick them to the wall.  They were good for ages but every now and then they just fall off for no reason.  We have tried to put more storage space in there Jen got loads of places to put books and things from her friend Joy.  I need to try and find something that we can put all our stuff into, in the room and make it look a lot nicer because at the moment there is too much stuff and not enough places to put it.  We have 1 wardrobe for the 2 of us and sometimes it cant take the weight of the clothes and falls apart.

The kitchen is tiny too, and only has 1 tiny cupboard to keep you food inside, the other cupboards have cleaning stuff in, and toilet papers and bin bags.  We have one dryer for the dishes that we store our plates in. This is tiny and I think if I get any more plates, glasses or cups there is going to be no room for them either, and if you liked to do any kind of food shopping you would be well and truly screwed in this apartment so its a good job we don't do so much food shopping otherwise there would be no where to put it.

I think it is really difficult to store everything here in your apartment and thats something I am really going to look for when I am finding a new apartment here in Taipei.  I imagine apartments with loads of storage space would either be really expensive, or outside of Taipei City, and instead in Taipei County meaning you would have to commute every day to get to the City.  Anyway that decision on where to live next will be coming up soon because I think I only have around 5 months left on my contract.

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