Last Train Home (documentary about going home for Chinese New Year in China)

I just watched this documentary about people migrating back home for Chinese New Year with their families.  It was really so touching, and very sad.  It really makes you think how shitty the world is, when people can't even afford to go to school if they stay with their kids, and if they leave there kids to send them to school their kids end up hating them because they don't think they care about them.

The story basically follows one families struggle to get home for the new year, and follows the relationships between parents and children.  It shows closely how the relationships can become strained, basically because there are no prospects or chance of work in their small village and they don't have enough money to eat more than 1 meal a day and send their kids to school.

The story is just somewhat dropped a bit at the end which was a bit dissapointing but at the same time it really did show some insight to what life is like for poor people in small Chinese towns and how the kids drop out of school when they are 15 to go and work in factories for shitty money.                                                                                                                            

Just think all the money spent on wars and shit like that could make everyone in the world probably have a happy life.  I know which I would choose if I was in charge, seriously you should watch this if any of you have the time.  It really shows the chaos of trying to get home for the New Year too, and shows what the real like is for the lower class society of China, and people who work in the countryside.  Its a shame they can't spread the wealth better!

I highly recommend people to watch this, even if it just to get an insight what life is like for people who have nothing.  Even though they had nothing they still tried as best they could for their kids and to better there lives. To the detriment of their relationship with their kids and there health.

I liked this documentary a lot, and I didn't really want it to end.  The documentary itself was a very raw piece of work and its appeal is that it didn't judge either view of who is right and who is wrong, it left that for the viewer to decide.

This is the documentary:


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