Stephen Drew is coming to Taiwan

Good news blogging world.  Stephen Drew has decided to spend some of his hard earned student loan and come out to Taiwan for 2 weeks.  I am really excited about this.  We are going to try and travel as much of the island as we possibly can in 2 weeks and I am really looking forward to seeing the islands, the south of the country, Taroko Gorge and the Alishan Mountains.  I have been wanting to see these places since I arrived in Taiwan.

As soon as Stephen told me that he was coming to Taiwan, I went to work the next day and popped in my holiday request.  I think it is totally possible that we could see everything worth seeing in 2 weeks, this island is not so big.  I do believe we will need to plan it well and sometimes we might have to take the fast train depending on what we need to see.

I have been thinking about the vegetarian thing too since he told me he would be coming.  I'm not sure what type of veggie he is, I don't know if he eats eggs, but I know he eats fish so I think surely he must eat eggs too, or is that just stupidity.  I really don't know any great details about vegetarians and what different types there are.

I have been wondering what will happen in the bian dang places, will they offer him another veggie or will I end up eating his and my meat.  (That sounded very wrong to say it like that!)  Anyway it would be an added bonus of getting 2 bits of meat instead of 1.  (that sounds wrong too)

Another thing I was thinking about is what the hell do veggies eat at a bbq.  I know the obvious answer is vegetables but that doesn't seem to fill me with much love because bbq's are all about the god damn meat.  Anyway I am sure he will fill me in on what he will eat and what in won't in due time.

This is too get the Mar Ke household excited.

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