Taiwan Lottery

Every 2 months there is a lottery drawn in Taiwan.  The numbers they draw are linked to numbers on the receipts of every purchase you make here.  When the numbers are drawn you then check the end numbers to see if you have a winning receipt.  So technically it means your receipts don't only show you what you have bought, they double up as lottery tickets!!

There have been times when I have came close to winning a lot of money, but I have only managed to win 400nt dollars up to now.  This works out at around 9 quid back home I think.  I think even though sometimes it is quite tedious to go through and check all the receipts you may as well do it.  The reason I think you should do it is because it is a little bit like free money if you win.  The stuff you bought you were going to buy anyway so whats the point in not checking, although sometimes I do put them in the kids charity boxes, which I think could be a mistake on my part because as I am only winning 200 NT dollars a time, someone somewhere else is winning 2 million dollars on my receipt ha!

I hope I take on a winning streak, and I hope I can win a bit more than 200NT dollars.  At least 1000 would be nice, a couple of 1000's would be good.  That way it will seem like I am gradually building my way up to the 2 million receipt.  It is a bit like the lottery back home though without actually having to pay for your ticket, because the odds of winning the big one must be so slim as you have to match all the numbers on the receipt.

My receipts I sorted and counted.


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