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Monday, May 23, 2011

Evaluation Result.

My evaluation result went fine.  I have a few things to improve but that was to be expected.  It was better than I thought it was going to be due to my slight messing up in the first class.  They said they can see I try really hard and have the right attitude so they think I am doing ok.

I got average, but it is better than what it could of been and worse than what it can be.  The things I need to improve is making sure all the kids understand and the classroom management.  I think class room management is difficult to master and will only come naturally with experience.  At least I can deal with kids and I don't have to learn that too, because I am sure some teachers come here and don't even want to work with kids their could only be here for a jolly or whatever other reasons.  Anyway my social interaction with dealing with the kids at work is totally fine, I have no problems with that side of my job.

Even some of the professional side now, I feel much better at, and I also feel a lot more confident in what I am teaching, and I feel like I am starting to develop my own style instead of following the book like a clone.  This is a good thing and I can only improve of that I am certain.

The one complaint I have at the moment is the hours keep chopping and changing but it is not such a major problem at the moment and I can cope with it up to now, and also waking up on Saturday mornings at 6am to go to work really kill me.  Sometimes I feel half asleep but I have only been late one Saturday morning which is an absolute miracle for me to be honest with you folks.

Basically things are going well with work, but there is definitely potential for it to get even better by ten fold.  Which I think it can in time.  I really love working with all the kids I am working with now.  The class they swapped me to is awesome, really talkative and like to have fun, a lot more than the quiet class I struggled for three months to speak to me.  Anyway like I said things are going well for me at the moment which is great.