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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pan fried dumplings and a man hanging from a window!

Today I decided I wanted fried dumplings for my lunch.  There is a place in Ximen that does them near my home for 5NT dollars per dumpling.  (Equivalent to 10p per dumpling.)

Chinese style dumplings are a lot different to dumplings back home in England.  The outside texture is made from flour and the inside is filled with either meat or vegetables.  That is not the only choice you have to make when it comes to eating dumplings here however, you have to choose is you want fried dumplings or boiled dumplings.  Then you have to choose what flavour you want if you buy the fried ones like the ones I like the most at the moment.  The flavours you can choose from what I can remember are: curry, Korean kimchee, plain/normal, or leek.  

Personally I always get the curry and the kimchi ones. The reason for this is because they are a lot more spicy than the normal ones and I prefer my food that way. 

So when I went to work today I made a detour to the dumpling place thinking I have plenty of time because I left pretty early for work today.  So I just trundled a long at the speed of a snail because the weather felt so humid and it seemed like my lungs were battling with everyone else's for air!

On my way there I noticed a man hanging out of a window really high up above everyone else.  I was pretty pleased that I took my camera with me so I could get some pictures.  So I quickly took out my camera, changed the settings to cloudy and zoomed in hoping he wouldn't move.  I would of been pissed off for being to slow if he moved from that bloody window!  As it happens he didn't move and I zoomed in to get some shots of him in the window.  When I moved a little further down the road I realised the man was hanging out of the window having a discussion with a man hanging over the roof of the building.  

Man hanging out of a window!

Man hanging out of a window talking with a man hanging over the roof!

I just stood and watched for a while and thought that is proper crazy mental!  After this little unexpected pit stop I then proceeded on my short cut through all the lanes and alleys to my final destination.....the dumpling shop.

I ordered 8 kimchi, and 8 curry fried dumplings.  16 dumplings in total, at the final cost of 80NT dollars.  (the equivalent to £1.60 back home.)  The place was empty, there was an american guy with what looked like his girlfriend/or a date and 2 Taiwanese girls at the back of the shop.  The 2 girls smiled at me a lot when I went to get my sauces for my dumplings.    This was not because they wanted to get it on with me, but just because people here are happy when they see foreigners eating alone in local places.  They think most foreigners won't eat like locals and especially not when they are alone.  So they look at me like an anomaly in the foreigner community.  I am often told, "your Taiwanese" due to what I can eat here.

Fried dumpling, kimchi at the front and curry at the back.
You have to add the sauces to your dumplings, they have loads of different type of sauces to add.  The ones I like the most are, 2 different types of soy sauce, one is thin like back home what we are all used to, and another is thick.   I also really like the spicy sauce too.  You can get spicy sauce, or spicy flavours added to everything here and for me that is great.

When I started eating my dumplings I realised I forgot to get a drink due to the short cut that I took.  This is rare for me as I hate eating food without having a drink.  I thought nothing I can do now, so just ate the dumplings.

When I was leaving I seen a couple walk in and they had there dog.  It still kind of amazes me people carry there dogs into food places still here.  It is not as bad as when I was in Bangkok though and some women sat opposite me in the restaurant had her pet mouse with her in the restaurant, that kind of takes the biscuit a little bit.

I throughly enjoyed the dumplings as always, even when eating them without a drink.  I am glad I checked that place out back when I did otherwise I wouldn't know about it now.