Work Evaluation.

So I get my work evaluation tomorrow, I am not sure I am looking forward to it.  As you can all imagine I was pretty nervous for someone to be sitting in my class assessing me.  I made a bit of a mistake in the first class, and then I panicked a little bit.  I shouldn't of been so nervous because the first class I am normally really good with.

Then the class I am not so good with.  The GEPT class, I normally struggle a little bit with this one, but I thought what the hell.  I have already made a mistake so I thought it could not get any worse.  Then low and behold my supervisor praised me for my style of teaching with this class.  I was a bit shocked because the classes were a bit flipped around, I think I put too much pressure on my self to well in the class which I normally do well in, then when the mistakes started to happen......I thought bloody hell this is going terrible and then didn't think it could get any worse and it didn't.

On the plus side I have an interview for a morning job on Thursday morning, so seems like schools might be publishing their morning jobs again now.  I have never got a morning job from Tealit before, or any job from Tealit for that matter, so I am not so certain I will now.  Well you have to be in it to win it don't you so I have lobbed my huge hat in the ring and will fight for a morning job.  I need more wonga ha!

Anyway wish me luck for my evaluation tomorrow because I hate getting evaluated always makes me panic, and I always put too much pressure on myself.  Can not relax in that kind of environment.

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