Magpies first CPL win

Well, well, well.  Boys and girls.  Ladies and gentleman!  The Magpies managed to get their first ever CPL win a few weeks back now vs Shane.  

We actually controlled the game for large parts of the game, but we still struggled in certain areas as we always do.  Junior managed to get his first goal for us and managed to put in a beast of a performance destroying Shane's defence.  

The moment when Junior got the ball, shot and scored will live forever in most Magpies players memory.  The collective GET IN!!!!!  From the team and subs was loud, one of the loudest GET INS!!!!  I have heard!

We were all very happy with our first win as people could imagine, and now we have managed to take 4 points from 6 games.  This is still very good considering we have been a team for less than a year, and how strong the league is.  Our players are still getting used to each other also.  

We have a lot of new guys in our team and our squad is finalised unless someone leaves and we have a gap to replace them or someone is very good.  

May this be the first of many wins, and a big up to Junior for scoring the winning goal.

A funny moment happened after when I offered to buy the whole team drinks, not many came but Junior showed up, he said he would just get a juice.  Looked in the fridge, picked up a small one and actually took a big one.  He could have a goddamn monster sized juice for all I care!!!!

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