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Sunday, June 9, 2013

620,000 unmarried women in Taiwan!!!

Guys, guys, guys!!!!  According to Apple Daily, there are over 600,000 unmarried women in Taiwan.  So if you are looking for a lovely lady to be your wife, you know where to head!  Taiwan is a cool island, and surely with those kind of odds you could find yourself a nice lovely lady. 

The article said Keelung and New Taipei City have the most, so you know where to head people.  What can I say I am like an angel sent from heaven offering you all advice where to go! You can all thank me with beer and biscuits in the future thank you!

Here is the article about the amount of unmarried women!  (p.s they're are a lot of unmarried men too!)

Apple Daily article - unmarried women

They go on to tell you their reasons, mainly due to their career, or they are too hot and guys assume because she is that hot she must already be married, or they just cant be arsed!

The above chart shows the number of single qingshounü in four countries (err… territories) of Asia:
Taiwan, 2012: 618,000 (5.33% of total) single women between 30 and 39
Hong Kong, 2011: 157,000 (4.49% of total) single women between 30 and 39
Korea, 2011: 383,000 (1.53% of total) single women between 30 and 44
China, 2010: 5.82m (0.87% of total) single women between 30 and 39.
Based on percentages, we can see that Koreans and Chinese (mainlanders) tend to get married early and often, while Taiwan and Hong Kong have an increasing number of unmarried women in their 30′s.