Taipei Medical University Hospital.

OK I am still having issues with my foot.  It has been nearly 1 year.  I went to the Taipei Medical University Hospital and they were very good.  Started taking tests and have me in for a ultra sound I think he said to scan the muscles in my foot.  Hopefully this means I will be eventually getting to the bottom of the problem in my foot.

Fingers crossed I can sort it out because it has been bothering me for ages.

Although I do believe my lovely mother and girlfriend are right, I make a better manager than a player in football.  We would of never known this if my foot didn't decide to die on me!

You can find the address here.  It has English and Chinese.

They have free mini busses to the hospital from Zhongxiao Fuxing and Liuzhangli MRT stations.

 No.252, Wu Hsing Street, Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)TEL: +886-2-2737-2181

So the 2 ideas all the doctors seem to be saying are, gout and tendinitis.

They both are shit, but I hope I get the one that is easiest to cure!



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