Homework - Dante Cafe - Green Tea - My shit pronouciation of LU CHA!!!

So since I have been working at Hess, I realised to mark the homework I really need to go somewhere that doesn't have all my home comforts where I can be distracted by the internet, football manager, or watching TV shows, or anything else that takes my mind from actually doing any kind of work that needs to be done.  

This has led my hunt for a location to take me to Dante Cafe.  The reason for this is that when I tried to do my work, actually at work the kids, and people just distract me.  I have always been this kind of person where I need to be able to really zone out to concentrate.  Once that concentrate is broken then I'm done for.  I am like one of the worst ADD children where they cannot concentrate on anything and everything distracts them.  So the office was out of the question after a few attempts.

Then I tried Mcdonalds a few times, but it was always bloody packed.  I also never wanted to buy anything, sometimes I just rocked up to Maccy Dees with my food from outside, a drink from outside, my homework and just did the whole Taiwanese thing of using their tables and space to mark the homework.

Then one day for some reason I thought why not try Dante Cafe.  I went there, bought a pot of green tea and sat there and just drank it.  The great thing about going to Dante Cafe is you can refill the hot water, so you spend 70NT and just sit there marking homework drinking green tea until your done.  Now I am totally addicted to green tea.  I am sure there are better and worse things to be addicted to.  Anyway this is my place to go to mark the homework.  Dante Cafe.  I did try Starbucks but it was over priced and shit.

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