Lu Wei

This is called Lu Wei!  I love it a lot.  You rock up to the shop and they have a selection of certain kinds of meats, internal organs, vegetables, noodles, and various other stuff.  You choose what you want and put it into a little basket.  Then when they cook it, they put it all together in the pot and cook it with the soup.  After that they throw it on your plate, and hey presto you eat.

When I first came to Taiwan I really didn't like this basically because of how it looked.  This seems to be a natural thing for a lot of foreigners, but after time you just become adjusted to everything here.  Anyway I love it.

I found a new shop close to my home on Tingzhou Road which is very good.  It is on Tingzhou Road close to Shida Road.  It has a white sign outside and it is small inside with only two tables.  Anyway it is good and it is open until 1am!!! 

If anyone goes there, just choose what you want and enjoy.  You can all thank me later.  P.S - I don't know if the spelling is correct.


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