V6 - Pub Olympics

So 3 of us from the Magpies footy team went to represent in the v6 Pub Olympics.  The games we had to play were pool, darts, and beer pong.  We were supposed to have a team of 5, but On Tap were OK with us just having 3. 

First up was me and Danny playing pool vs Shane.  This was a close game, and we both got down to the being on the black, the Shane guy potted the black and the white, meaning we won.  Meaning we fluked it, but we were still taking it.  When we finished up on the pool John was playing JFC at darts.  It ended up a close game, and they were both on the bull, but John managed to pull the win out of the bag.

Me and Danny then played the Badgers at beer pong, and I must say beer pong is the most boring game ever.  Due to the fact it goes on forever.  I was getting pretty bored.  As we were playing John went to play Daan at pool, and he finished and won the pool game as we were still playing beer pong.  We lost our beer pong game to the Badgers meaning we had 4 points. 

Next up we had to play Taipei City at beer pong in our last game of the night.  This was a winner takes all match, with the loser ending up in 2nd place.  At one point, we were down to just 1 cup with Taipei City still having five left.  I must say the thought of winning a crate of beer, and the thought of making Franky lose, after he kept taunting us by shaking his arse at us every time they got a ping pong ball in the cup spurred us on.  Me and Danny started getting them in the cups, and Danny threw in the epic last one, and off we walked with a crate.  Happy fucking days!!!! 

Pub Olympic Champions 

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