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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bus to Work.

Every now and then the bus to work is totally packed.  One day last week however it was more full than I had ever seen it.  We were all literally crammed into the bus like sardines.

I was stuck at the front between the door and the driver.  To my horror the bus driver was still stopping and letting more and more people pile in at every stop.  There was even people getting hit by the doors as they opened it was that full.

At this moment I was thinking this is mental, but no!  The mentalness carried on all the way to work.  The doors closed on a young kid at one point, and the young kid was stuck in the doors, you think the bus would stop right?  Wrong again it didn't it kept on moving with the kid stuck in the doors.  

Everyone was just looking at this poor little bastard stuck there, half in and half out.  I am sure they were thinking the same thing as me "BLOODY HELL!"

In the end I just grabbed him and pulled him out of the doors.  He replied with a firm xie xie (thank you.)  Eventually the bus trundled along to my stop, letting more people in at every stop.  When I got off I was happy to be away from that sardine can of a bus!

A bus like a can of sardines.
2 Women looking at me like I'm a compete bell end!