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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fire/Fire brigade in Xiemen

Friday night last week I was on my way home from work and there was firemen and fire engines all over Xiemen, and part of the street was cordoned off.

The first sign something was a miss
I thought I would go around and have a bit of a nosy about as you do to what was going down.  From what I could make out there was some kind of fire or problem with some of the electrics in one of the buildings.  

Having a nose around
So the fire brigade it had seemed done the sensible thing as you would expect and turned out most the electrics to the rest of the street.  It seemed like other shop owners were running around complaining but there was jack shit they could do about it.  Anyway the situation was completely under control.

Under control
The whole area looked like it was complete chaos because of the amount of fire engines and fire men around but when i noseied around they really did have it all under control.  The amount of fire engines there though, and fire men.  It was the equivalent to opening a chestnut with a sledgehammer!

Loads of different fire engines about
On Saturday morning I seen the electrics where the problems had been caused the night before and they all looked burnt out.

What caused the problem
At least it was under control (I know I have said this a lot ha!) but if it had of expanded around Xiemen shopping area it could of been a complete nightmare how close the shops and buildings are crammed together, so no wonder the fire brigade took the sledge hammer approach I guess.