Zombies in Xiemen

One Saturday morning about 3 weeks ago, I was kind of sleepwalking through the commercial area of Xiemen on my way to the MRT.  As I turned one of the corners there was thick smoke all over the place.  Not only that a load of bodies and blood everywhere.  

It looked like the army had the place cordoned off.  They also looked like they were stopping people from getting through, at this point I stopped caring that people were dead all over the floor and thought, shit I'm going to be late for work if I have to walk around!  The thought did cross my mind of, what the hell happened here last night!!!

As I was still half asleep because it was 7am, I didn't notice the film crew.  It turns out the fact I was half asleep made it seem more real, and if I had of opened my eyes more I would of clearly seen they were making a new movie, right in my home neighbourhood.

At this point I was thinking bollocks, why don't I have my camera?  This made me re asses when, and when not to take out my camera and I take it with me pretty much most times now, it lives in my bag.  Hopefully I will never miss the chance to take photos of this kind of thing again, if I run into it by accident. 


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