Smallest cinema in the world!!!!

A few weeks ago now, before I went off on my mini travel around Taiwan me and Jen decided we should go to the cinema.  We both really wanted to watch Hangover 2 and I had the night off, because I was waiting for Stephen coming and sorting  everything out.  Another reason was to celebrate the start of my holidays.

We always try to go to our favourite cinema first here in Ximending which is In 89.  We have never been yet since they did a refurbishment and had been quite excited to see if they had enhanced the viewing quality, or totally destroyed the feel of the cinema and how comfy it was......this was our chance.

As it turned out the cinemas were crazy busy and we missed the showing that we wanted to see.  I told Jen not to worry, we can just watch the next one that starts 30 minutes later.

The guy told us we would have to sit behind each other.  I thought my god they are really busy aren't they.  Jen then told me the cinema only had 30 seats!!  When I heard this I thought yeah this will pretty cool, it might even be a lot like a private showing.  

Then it happened, the time came for us to enter the cinema, I was really curious to see what it was like inside. I was thinking it will be awesome, 30 seats and a big screen how good is that.  We had to walk up loads and loads of stairs to get there, then I seen the entrance.  A tiny little doorway that only one person get through, smaller than a lot of turnstiles at the football.  I'm not fat, but not skinny either and if I had of been any fatter I don't think I would of fit through the door which would of been crazy embarrassing ha!  

Inside it was so tiny and a weird long shape.  Kind of like building a cinema the shape and width of a lamp post, with the light as the screen!  This was indeed the Peter Crouch of cinemas.  This cinema had obviously been added as an afterthought.  

How the same price could be charged for that small cinema and small screen is beyond me.  They only had 3 seats per row, there was no way they could of fitted any more in either.  The screen only looked about 10 inches bigger than my TV at home, and smaller than the screen I used to watch the Newcastle matches on at the social club with my old man.

The only saving grace was that Hangover 2 was awesome, followed the same pattern as the first movie, but was just as funny.  On top of that I think we didn't miss any defining scenes in the movie from watching it on such a tiny screen.  Everyone should of seen Hangover 2 by now, if not go and watch it. 

Smallest Cinema I have ever been to!!!


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