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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Apartment.

This is my apartment that I wont have for much longer.  It would be nice just to stay and live here because it is a super convenient location, and I like the facilities they have on offer in this building, but since I have changed my job so that I am now no longer working with a bunch of cunts I need to downgrade where I live too.  

My apartment is a nice size for 2 people, and has good roof top views, right in the heart of the city, I love it so it will be a shame to move out, even though I think I could get a kindergarten job.  I want to save more money, and buy more things so it makes more sense to let go.....ha.  

This is what I pretty much get for my £380 notes:

My apartment, internet, cable tv, roof access with awesome views, bbq pits on the roof, spa on the roof, a small cardio gym, internet room, pool table room, karaoke room, 24 hour guards, rubbish disposal.  So I think it is worth it for the wonga!

My apartment and view from the roof.....Soon to not be my apartment, only here until August.