Friday, November 23, 2012

Acupuncture (and other Chinese medicine) is awesome!

Acupuncture is awesome!!!

Hey everyone for those of you who do not know already, I have been struggling with Tendonitis for quite a few months now.  This has been so frustrating as I had just begun to become a lot more active in my life again!

How was I going to solve this problem, I did what people normally do when they cannot walk.  I went to the hospital.  The doctor at the hospital told me she didn't know what it was, and that I should get some physiotherapy.  What they said I needed was electric shock treatment, and a hot pack.  

I would trot along to the hospital before work three to four times per week, and it initially helped in the first healing period.  When the Tendinitis was really bad, I could not even get shoes onto my goddamn feet! 

After a while though it seemed like it got to a point where it was not getting any better.  This is when my girlfriend suggested I really should get acupuncture to heal it.  At first I was being very cowardly and a big chicken shit, because when you think of acupuncture you always think of hundreds of needles stuck everywhere!

In the end I thought why not give it a shot.  I was a bit worried so the doctor told me he was happy to let me lie down so I didn't get too nervous.  When they stuck the needles in there is a slight pain but nothing too major, and you cannot move while the needles are in, this should be common sense!  (Its not wise to roll around with needles stuck inside you!!)

Then you just lie down, and chillax.  There is weird sensation of feeling everything inside circulating around, and actually I think it feels great.  What amazes me most is the effect it has on my foot afterwards.  Now I can also go twice a week to try and speed up the healing process.  As I am sick of it now, and really wanna play football, go cycling and play tennis again!

Other Chinese treatments I have had

As well as this, I also go to the Chinese medicine for my allergies, whats good about Chinese medicine is that it is all herbs, and natural.  I am amazed how much they have healed my allergies.  I only get affected by my allergies a small bit now, compared to when I first arrived.  When I first arrived any time the weather changed (it changes by around 10 degrees per day some times) it would affect my nose, eyes, throat, and I would be constantly sneezing.  The Chinese medicine has healed this pretty much.

Another time I have tried Chinese medicine was when I had heat stroke.  My girlfriend did some treatment recommended by the doctor called guaxia. 

The guaxia treatment consisted of my girlfriend putting some Chinese medicine cream (like a stronger deep heat, but in a cream not a spray.)  She then put the cream on a 10NT dollar coin. Then she started scratching my body with the coin.  Across my shoulders, arms, back etc etc.  Where she scratched my shoulders, back and arms with the coin they all came up bright red.  This is all the bad crap leaving your body.  It hurt like hell but once she had finished scratching and having a good time watching me squirm around in pain, it actually worked.  It seemed like all the heat was gone from my body and I felt back to normal again this was brilliant.

The Chinese doctor I go to is on Heping West Road, Close to Guting MRT Station.  If you come out the station, walk towards HSBC, the gym and 7/11.  There is a hot pot next door to it, and two electronical shops over the road.  (One with the yellow sign, and best.)  Keep going straight in this direction and the doctors should be on your left.  The doctor here is great, and also nice, helpful and very friendly.  (I will get some pictures soon from outside, and hopefully inside getting acupuncture if the doctor agrees.  Also I will take off the details and add the address.) 

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