Saturday, September 21, 2013

The hardest thing to find in Taipei/Taiwan...

Every time I am out walking around and having a browse through Taipei's wonderful sights, I am always confused why its so hard to find two things.

The first thing that is next to impossible to find are public bins/trash cans (for you Americano readers innit).  The best place to find these are at bus stops.  If you can see a bus stop they will often be accompanied by a bin.  I am not talking about seven eleven, as we all know they have bins (some do not) but, I am talking mainly about outside, when you want to throw away the rubbish what can you do, you either keep it or look for a seven, or find a bus stop.  The next best thing is do as the locals do and stick in someone's basket which is attached to their bicycle or scooter outside apartment buildings.  Why they are so hard to find really does puzzle me a lot though, also how the hell are the streets pretty damn clean if there is no where to put the rubbish?  Odd no?  Anyway I know I said just throw it some ones basket but please don't litter Taiwan and give us weiguos! (foreigners!) a bad name all right.!

This is the type of bin I am talking about that can be seen all around Newcastle City Centre

The next thing that are rock rock super rock hard to find are pubic toilets.  The best places to find these again are seven elevens, department stores, fast food places but again these are all not really public toilets.  In a sense I guess the department stores ones are, but I mean public toilets like we have back in England where they are literally just a toilet outside.  So please make sure you know where the toilet stops are wherever you go out in Taiwan or you might end up with a blind panic mad dash to any toilet and have to deal with a squatter, which is possible to do but never as pleasant as sitting there waiting for the massive log to drop out.

Anyway, i'm sure the whole internet world is now better knowing this information.

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