Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Gua Sha treatment for heat stroke relief

Earlier this week I had to get Gua Sha, because of suffering from bad heat stroke after hiking in the afternoon, like a madman, bang on midday in the 38c heat. Anyway, people often say it is only stray dogs and Englishmen willing to run around in the midday heat. Well they're not wrong, I did it, and I went down the heat stroke. Anyone who has ever suffered from heat stroke will know that it makes you rather disorentated, you will feel dizzy, faint and just want to sleep. 

In severe cases you will be puking up curled over a bog seat like I was years ago spewing my ring after a very boozy tour around Taiwan where I came close to losing an eye, but the booby prize was arriving home with heat stroke and losing two days attached to a drip in the loving hands of the hospital staff. Which hospital I was in though, I cannot tell you as to this day I was in such a severe condition that I have no recollection of the event. My last memory was throwing up from a taxi window, joy. 

This weekend just gone, I had a more severe heat stroke, but not as severe as the one from my boozy Taiwan tour, so the cure didn't call for being curled over the bog seat and a trip to the hospital emergency room. What this called for though, was some Gua Sha.

Gua Sha, some of you will be wondering what is this Gua Sha and what does it do? Others will be thinking oh yeah, I had that and it is grand. Others will indeed be thinking I had that and it doesn't work. Well it works for me, but alas, everyone is indeed different so it cannot be deemed a miracle cure obviously. 

Gua Sha is a Chinese medicine treatment, where your body will be scrubbed or scraped (whatever way you want to define it) in a certain way, which I believe is a downward motion (but don't give it a bash on my say so, seek professional help) to let out all the bad chi in your body. And a word to the wise, the process involved in Gua Sha hurts.

When I arrived back home from my stupidly timed midday hike, I felt awful. I struggled through the day trying to guzzle water as much as I could but it wasn't helping at all. In the back of my mind I knew I had the Gua Sha done to me in the past, and for whatever reason unknown to me, once the treatment was complete, I then felt like the heat and the awful feeling had been relieved from my body. 

Therefore after the attempts I had made guzzling water had failed, I then explained to the Mrs she was going to have to Gua Sha me. To which she agreed, but insisted I could not back out once the deed was under way. It's a good job she did insist that I could not back out, because once she got to scrubbing the neck and shoulders, I had to hold my head in my hands like my hands were a clamp, clamping the head firmly in place in order for it not release itself from my neck and leg it to save itself because the pain was that much.

Once the Gua Sha process was complete though, I felt like a lot of the awful heat was gone from my body, and I was a lot less uncomfortable than earlier on in the day. Parts of my body ended up bright red where the process had been done, and it's said once the process is completed, that the redder you become, the worse the heat stroke was. However, regardless of the pain, I was overjoyed to be relieved from the effects of heat stroke, and don't be put off by the red marks on my skin as they do not hurt once the process is finished. Relief 

Gua Sha treatment for heat stroke relief

Earlier this week I had to get Gua Sha, because of suffering from bad heat stroke after hiking in the afternoon, like a madman, bang on midd...