Thursday, May 8, 2014

Homework - Dante Cafe - Green Tea - My shit pronouciation of LU CHA!!!

So since I have been working at Hess, I realised to mark the homework I really need to go somewhere that doesn't have all my home comforts where I can be distracted by the internet, football manager, or watching TV shows, or anything else that takes my mind from actually doing any kind of work that needs to be done.  

This has led my hunt for a location to take me to Dante Cafe.  The reason for this is that when I tried to do my work, actually at work the kids, and people just distract me.  I have always been this kind of person where I need to be able to really zone out to concentrate.  Once that concentrate is broken then I'm done for.  I am like one of the worst ADD children where they cannot concentrate on anything and everything distracts them.  So the office was out of the question after a few attempts.

Then I tried Mcdonalds a few times, but it was always bloody packed.  I also never wanted to buy anything, sometimes I just rocked up to Maccy Dees with my food from outside, a drink from outside, my homework and just did the whole Taiwanese thing of using their tables and space to mark the homework.

Then one day for some reason I thought why not try Dante Cafe.  I went there, bought a pot of green tea and sat there and just drank it.  The great thing about going to Dante Cafe is you can refill the hot water, so you spend 70NT and just sit there marking homework drinking green tea until your done.  Now I am totally addicted to green tea.  I am sure there are better and worse things to be addicted to.  Anyway this is my place to go to mark the homework.  Dante Cafe.  I did try Starbucks but it was over priced and shit.

No parking (The Irony)

So this is normal behaviour in Taiwan.  Especially when it comes to parking.  People will park anywhere they like, even if it clearly says no parking.  

A guy pulled up outside of Carrefour (big supermarket like Asda) and parked right next to two no parking signs.  It kind of made me laugh a bit.  

Anyway here is the evidence har har.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lu Wei

This is called Lu Wei!  I love it a lot.  You rock up to the shop and they have a selection of certain kinds of meats, internal organs, vegetables, noodles, and various other stuff.  You choose what you want and put it into a little basket.  Then when they cook it, they put it all together in the pot and cook it with the soup.  After that they throw it on your plate, and hey presto you eat.

When I first came to Taiwan I really didn't like this basically because of how it looked.  This seems to be a natural thing for a lot of foreigners, but after time you just become adjusted to everything here.  Anyway I love it.

I found a new shop close to my home on Tingzhou Road which is very good.  It is on Tingzhou Road close to Shida Road.  It has a white sign outside and it is small inside with only two tables.  Anyway it is good and it is open until 1am!!! 

If anyone goes there, just choose what you want and enjoy.  You can all thank me later.  P.S - I don't know if the spelling is correct.


V6 - Pub Olympics

So 3 of us from the Magpies footy team went to represent in the v6 Pub Olympics.  The games we had to play were pool, darts, and beer pong.  We were supposed to have a team of 5, but On Tap were OK with us just having 3. 

First up was me and Danny playing pool vs Shane.  This was a close game, and we both got down to the being on the black, the Shane guy potted the black and the white, meaning we won.  Meaning we fluked it, but we were still taking it.  When we finished up on the pool John was playing JFC at darts.  It ended up a close game, and they were both on the bull, but John managed to pull the win out of the bag.

Me and Danny then played the Badgers at beer pong, and I must say beer pong is the most boring game ever.  Due to the fact it goes on forever.  I was getting pretty bored.  As we were playing John went to play Daan at pool, and he finished and won the pool game as we were still playing beer pong.  We lost our beer pong game to the Badgers meaning we had 4 points. 

Next up we had to play Taipei City at beer pong in our last game of the night.  This was a winner takes all match, with the loser ending up in 2nd place.  At one point, we were down to just 1 cup with Taipei City still having five left.  I must say the thought of winning a crate of beer, and the thought of making Franky lose, after he kept taunting us by shaking his arse at us every time they got a ping pong ball in the cup spurred us on.  Me and Danny started getting them in the cups, and Danny threw in the epic last one, and off we walked with a crate.  Happy fucking days!!!! 

Pub Olympic Champions 

Football Manager - (the most addictive game ever!!)

Ever since I moved to Taiwan nearly 4 years ago, there has been one thing that I brought from home which I think is one of the most addictive things in my life!  Football manager!  When I came here I brought football manager 2010, and I play on it pretty much every single day of my life.  It really is that addictive.  I have played with various different teams, and in loads of different countries.  

I am sure I am not the only person in the world who think its mega addictive.  Sometimes I can sit and play on it for hours.!!  It is crazy.  Anyway.  I just wanting to let you all know it is the most addictive thing ever!!! 

Better than Pardew!! 

Watching Gateshead is a lot different to watching Newcastle!

So I watched the two play off games Gateshead played against Grimsby this week.  Honestly, it was a bloody refreshing change. Watching a team, that is actually trying to win, improve and move through the leagues.  I still remember when Newcastle actually tried.  It was nice to see them win anyway, and get a decent crowd.  I will be tuning in and watching the play off final too.  Shame it didn't happen when I was home otherwise I would of went down to Wembley to watch them.  

Since I have moved away it has been a bit mental, Dunston Fed went to Wembley and won the F.A Vase, and now the Heed are off to Wembley for the play off final.  I suppose I should of moved away ages ago and then all local teams would of done all right apart from the one I like the most ho bloody hum.

Anyway, it was good to watch a local team try and win a game of football.  I know Newcastle won on Sunday but fuck me, am I pissed off with them.  I am pissed off with Mike Ashley, I am totally fucked off with Pardews excuses every week.  I am pissed off that all we do is target 10th in the league.  Whoopie do.  The race for 10th, Pardew talks about finishing 10th like its a fucking achievement the man is a grade A cunt.

Anyway best of luck to Gateshead.  Would be great to see the Heed Army win the play offs.
As for Newcastle, I am slowly losing interest, which I never thought would happen ever.  No ambition, no fight, no passion, the soul of the club is gone, we are well and truly a selling club.  A guy went to school with recently said "Newcastle have all ready exceeded his expectations for the season."  Well fuck me, that just goes to show how much people have been brain washed by the likes of that cunt Pardew who is full of shit. 

I don't want to go on about it too much, but as long as we don't care about winning anymore my interest is dying fast which is sad!!!  

I wonder what the odds are for Newcastle to lose 15-0 to Liverpool in the last game of the season and Liverpool win the league because of it. 

Anyway.  Keep on keeping on!  
Good luck to the HEED and FUCK OFF PARDEW! 

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