Sunday, August 30, 2020

Dadaocheng fireworks

Last night the Mrs went to Ximending to have a curry, usually the curry is top notch and one of our favourites in Taipei, however last night it was average at best which was disappointing. On the way to Ximending though, we noticed the traffic was way busier than usual. Normally Ximen area is busy on a weekend, but this was beyond busy. 

At this point the Mrs declared, 'oh yeah, I forgot they have the Dadaocheng fireworks this weekend, it was supposed to be last weekend, but it was cancelled for the typhoon".

Wonderful eh? Oh well, we were there now and there was no turning back, it was onwards to the curry. After leaving the curry, a little miffed at how poor it was compared to the usual high standards we have become accustomed to, we just wanted to get back home and away from all the traffic, which was driving us a bit mental due to the lights turning green, us moving the equivalent of two steps forward, and then the lights being red again. 

As we got next to Zhongxing bridge, Dadaocheng fireworks just began, and by the time we got onto the bridge they were in full swing. The Mrs told me to keep in the right lane because all the scooters would likely stop to take pictures of the fireworks from the bridge. I was hoping they wouldn't as it would become a hazard, but at the same time I was hoping I could get a few pictures of the fireworks from the bridge because they looked banging (no pun intended).

The Mrs was correct though, and all the scooters did just start randomly stopping in the middle of the bridge, which turned into a massive hazard, as there was no way to move past them safely. Therefore I too, decided to make a danger stop on the bridge. With scooters in front of me, and behind me all stopped I figured if another scooter did smash into us, then my scooter wouldn't have to take the full impact anyway. 

Off we hopped to snap a few pictures and enjoy the fireworks show, these things are happening more frequently lately, and it kind of shows how when you begin to positive again, then good things happen. Even though the food was below the standards we have enjoyed in the past from Indian restaurant we love, we just knocked it on the chin as a one off (we hope it's just a one off). And then because we were in a positive mood, we ended up on the middle of the bridge just at the right time to enjoy the fireworks. And enjoy we did, the danger stop becoming a necessity in the end because everyone else in the right side lane doing the same. Therefore turning the danger stop into a safety stop, and positivity the order of the weekend. 

The fireworks at Dadaocheng Wharf happen every year, and attract large crowds to watch them. The first couple of years I tried to go but ended up being sick of all the hassle, pushing and shoving. We were extremely happy to see them from the vantage point of the bridge and it ended up being a wonderful way to wrap up the night. 

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