Best Taiwanese food near Taipei Main Station.

OK guys this is the best place to eat near Taipei Main Station.  It is on Chongqing south road, by a post office, and a calligraphy shop.  In between there is a shop that sells dumplings, and noodles and various other Taiwanese food.  This is by far the best food place I have ate at in this area. 

I really love the sweet and sour soup with dumplings floating around inside.  The portion size is really awesome and its really filling, it only costs 70nt too!!!  As well as this I like to buy the fried pork (pi gu) which is great, totally 100 per cent awesomeness.  Although I do need to stop eating so much fried food as I will become a beach whale, and I wont be able to walk if I keep eating it.

Here is the food in all it amazing wonderful glory!  Man it makes me hungry just looking at it!!!!

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