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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year in Taipei.

So the new year came and went in Taipei the other day.  With many other revelers I trudged and plodged through the massed ranks of bodies by Taipei 101 and in the Xinyi area.  As you could imagine it was packed, but this year was special!  I didn't have to stand with the plebs in the sports down the bottom, rammed together like you are in a Newcastle pub on Match day!  No this time I was going to Jen's work, up in the Microsoft offices to watch the show from the balcony.  The view was awesome and I got some decent pictures.

I thought the fireworks were much better than the ones for 2013.  A lot better, the reason they were better was that the 2013 lot was just one mega bang and it lasted about 5 seconds in total!  I am so glad we never went and battled it out with the massive bunch of zombies to see that.

Anyway after the fireworks we all went to party like a boss in the Brass Monkey as you do.  Dancing and rocking out, I was awake for the grand total of 24 hours if you include work, and then queing for breakfast in the morning!  Mental!  Showing I can still cut it with the runts of today!  Proves your getting old when you say, "we partied harder than this back in the day!" 

Here are some photos of Taipei 101.