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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homework that cracks me up!

Well when I was marking the homework today, I eventually came across some that were hilarious!  The first one the sentence is not wrong but in English it has a very different meaning to what the kid in my class meant!!!  I was sat in old Starbucks cracking on with the marking being a bit bored and rocking out to some old chooons when I came across the first funny homework of the day!!!!  I started to chuckle rather loudly and the eyes of Starbucks were upon me, boy I can make a scene!

Here is what I am talking about.  Sandy and Bobo are girls names. 

Bobo and Sandy are more energetic than that dirty dog!  Aye aye!!!  Bad Bobo and Sandy ha ha!

The other mistake was with a younger class which had me chuckling away to myself to the bemusement of Starbucks again because one of the younger students wrote the question "do you have teats today?" 

I hope they don't ask this question when they're out, they meant do you have a test today not do you have teats today.  I prefer do you have teats today however! 

I hope get more homework like this!  I should give them extra bonus points if they make a funny sentence!!!