The best way to get around in Taiwan...

It is not the bus, it is not the MRT, in Taipei it is certainly not a car.  The best way is a scooter.  A lot of foreigners I have met just don't have big enough bollocks to get around on a scooter, they're too chicken shit.  Anyway I totally love it.  Here are a few pictures of me while I am riding the scooter around Taipei, and Taiwan.  All but one of them are selfies!  

I would highly recommend anyone coming to Taiwan to purchase a scooter.  They are easy to use, great to get around on.  Cheap to maintain.  Ideal for flying around and exploring Taiwan.  When I get my holidays next year if I don't have to spend it looking after my mom and dad I am gonna take 2 weeks off work and ride the scooter all the way around Taiwan like a boss! (if a bunch of 80 old's can do it then so can I!)

My bashed up scooter has seen some action, crashes, road trips bumps and scrapes etc etc.  It still manages to get me anywhere and everywhere and it is one of the best things I have ever bought here!  I love it! 

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