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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

春联 Chuan Lian (Chinese New Year Message) - Xing Tian Temple!

So today I queued at Xingtian temple today with Jen and Sonia for free chun lian (this is the Chinese New year messages you see stuck up around places on red paper.)  The temple were handing them out for free, and it is apparently famous.  Hey this is Taiwan, there is a queue so yes its famous!  I got one and actually I think they are just as good as the ones I paid good old fashioned money for!  We ended up re queuing to get more of them, you could actually just keep re queuing which was a bit odd they should of just given you it all at once I suppose. 

As this temple is next to work I have been slinking off at times and popping into the temple to have a bit of a prayer to the god.  Thinking all the gods here just dealt with the same god, like they preach about back home I thought I could just go to any.  Turns out you have to go to a specific one for a specific thing, and I have been praying to the fighting god for the last couple of months, about work and trying to heal my foot (I am beyond going to doctors for my foot now and I am now seeking some divine intervention!!!!) Or some kind of traditional method to heal my foot from online!  This is the guy from the Three Kingdoms, and Red Cliff (famous asian movie if you don't know) is the movie about the Three Kingdoms.  So I have been praying to a warrior god yeeeeha!!!! 

Also I have been asking the warrior god questions like Taiwanese people do.  Taking the plastic things shaped like Bamboo and throwing them on the floor.  How they land is the answer.  I don't really know the patterns for the answer, I generally have to ask someone for the answer as you do when your a foreigner, but it seems divine intervention has been working so far.  The questions I have asked have mainly been about my foot and my new job.

There are certain ways to how they land to how he answers, but the answers can be:


I am glad I haven't got a maybe yet, I prefer my gods to be giving me a firm yes, or a no!  This is what the things look like that you throw onto the floor.