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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Job

So I started working at Hess.  I have heard a lot of bad thngs about Hess and how its all utter bollocks.  That might be for some people, but I assume people are just afraid of working hard. What people generally moan about is the time spent about marking and grading but teachers have to do this the world over so why are we any different. 

At first when I started there it was much tougher than Joy basically because of all the extra work they expect from you.  If you want an easy life as a teacher in Taiwan or Taipei i'd suggest you go to work at Joy or Kid Castle.

As I am not afraid of hard work and trying my best at most things I believe things have started to get easier.  I hope I can keep doing well, and get better at my job.  The good thing about Hess is there are loads and loads of hours, even if it is not on your schedule you can constantly pick up hours which is my main reason I went there in the first place to get more hours.  

The kids are generally nice as are most kids throughout Taipei who I have worked with.  The only thing that constantly nags at me is they don't get the kids to try and speak English all the time, as this would create a complete English environment for them.  In break times and before class they allowed to use Chinese.  Then in the class they have to speak English, the bell goes class finishes and they switch straight back to Chinese. 

I think so far working at Hess I have learnt a lot all ready and I want to keep learning and improving in my job.  I really think I can achieve this.  My supervisor has been totally great, and very very supportive even though I messed up a couple of times all ready in the first month.  I am like the Muller yogurt adverts from back in the day, Something good is always followed by something bad!  Balancing out the good bad relationship in the world. 

Anyway everyone is being supportive and helpful, and I am even now working well with the people who were difficult at first, all this is because of working hard, communicating with people to find out what makes them pissed at you and really getting your head down! 

On the plus side, in my first month I got to be Santa.!  I had to walk around one of the busiest hang out places in Taipei for young people dressed in Santa clothes and singing 'We wish you a merry Christmas.' That was fun! 

I do miss all my students at Joy, because they were all great!  The best students I have ever had to deal with so far, but life moves on and I did take them Christmas sweets because I miss them.  Now this is a new chapter of my life and I am determined to do my best!!!!  

The major perks of Hess - more hours, guaranteed hours, able to get days off, 2 weeks holiday plus 1 month holiday if you sign a new contract, career development chances (seems like they have a decent amount of other job opportunities and chances of moving up in the organisition.)

The downside to Hess - the paper work, having to go around all the jobs you work at to collect your pay (don't get paid in the bank), homework mountains, you have to put in the effort (if you don't want to do this you will hate it) For some people I guess having to work with a co teacher constantly would be a downside, the starting pay is less than other jobs.

With all that said and done I am starting to like it I think, and the extra work I need to do like learning to teach phonics, learning the KK, and marking the homework etc can only make me a better teacher.  I am really enjoying this new challenge in my life. 

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